The Tattoo Birthday Party

The most memorable birthday party you’ll throw for your kid.

Are you the parent who is on top of the latest and greatest of trends? Are you looking to throw the birthday party the kids will talk about for weeks at the bus stop? Maybe you’re in search of unique theme ideas for another amazing celebration you want to stand out. No matter what brought you here, we’re glad you came. You’ve landed on what is quickly becoming the hottest in party theme ideas- The Tattoo Party for Kids!

Chances are, before ending up on this article you’ve shopped and pinned a crazy amount of other ideas out there on the internet. You’ve seen the glorious pictures of the cleverly handcrafted banners, the pony in full unicorn disguise in the perfectly sculpted backyard, the carefully detailed indoor and outdoor games with every child patiently waiting single-file for their turn at the fun. You’ve seen the Pinterest posts and imagined it for yourself… Now honestly, how’d that look to you, really? Did you close your eyes and imagine the work and effort that went into those perfect little parties?

If your life goes like any other parents’ lives we know, the pony is really a donkey who ate the banner you printed from your home computer, the rules and half of the pieces are lost for the games, and the kids are running frantic, bored and waiting for you to entertain them. But this year can be different! This year you can throw an incredibly memorable birthday party the kids will love, is easy on you, and will be the talk of the bus stop for weeks to come.

Throw an incredibly memorable birthday party the kids will love, is easy on you, and will be the talk of the bus stop for weeks to come!

BratTats are temporary arm sleeve and leg tattoos the kids LOVE. No seriously, they love, love them. It’s fun to watch as their little faces flush with confidence as when they see how real the tattoos look. Some kids like feeling big and tough. Some like the attention they get by pranking the grown-ups! But one of the most common reasons we hear kids liking these realistic temporary tattoos is because they can look like their heroes: Mom, Dad, Grandpa or Uncle… maybe it’s their favorite rock artist or wrestler. Kids just love playing pretend, and BratTats is a great way to feed a hungry imagination.

BratTats are for every Brat.

It’s true. Bikers and Princesses alike are loving how they look in a full arm sleeve or leg design. Boys and Girls (and plenty of grown-ups!) everywhere love this temporary accessory to express themselves, and as theme parties they are huge! Every kid suddenly finds the patience within themselves to sit for the few minutes needed to have their tattoo applied. They suddenly WANT to have their photos taken, and group photos with kids have never been easier when they are all wanting to show off their new “ink”. Parents can even use the #BratTats hashtag to have their party featured on Instagram.

Hosting a Temporary Tattoo Birthday Party is a great way to keep the kids entertained, engaged with each other, and excited to share with others after the party is over.

  1. Sit down with your favorite little Birthday Brat and let them pick out a tattoo design special for each of their friends.
  2. Order Birthday Pack(s) to complete the celebration theme with the cake decoration, balloons and invitations.
  3. Send out the invites! Let the parents know what the party is all about, and watch the kids beg to come to your party.
  4. Get supplies ready: A bowl of water. A couple of wash cloths and a dish towel or two. That’s it!
  5. Now, Decorate! Apply your cake print to your homemade/store-bought sheet cake, blow-up balloons, and turn on some music.
  6. Host the Party: Apply the tattoos 1-by-1 while the kids play and compare with each other’s amazing new tattoos!
  7. Receive all of the credit and hugs you can handle from your little Birthday Brat who had the best time EVER.

The Birthday Packs come in Blue and Pink, making this party-throwing business that much easier on the host.

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This theme is so much fun and unique, we can’t express it enough. If you’re worried about the parents’ reactions, don’t be. Baby oil will take these off easily, and honestly, most parents think it’s all adorable fun. Plus, parents with tattoos tend to find this idea especially fun and the photos are even better than you’d imagine. It’s great to know, too, that you’re supporting a working, US Veteran, mom-of-two, with every purchase from LEARN MORE

If you’re looking for the hottest, latest and greatest of ideas for 2018 birthday party themes, look no further! Your little one and their friends will be stoked to show off their new “ink” to everyone, all thanks to you. Nice job, parents!