I first met Kaylee when she was a baby. Her parents brought her in for a photo shoot. Clearly she is made for the life of modeling! I loved meeting her parents and learning so much about their live style with little Kaylee. They handle everything with so much grace, it’s truly inspirational. Kaylee is a brilliant girl, she’s so smart and sassy. She can READ at only 5 years old. She gets in trouble for doing wheelies, and is great at playing her parents against each other. She’s 5 years old going on 15.

So why is Kaylee in a wheelchair ?

Kaylee is a five year old who was born with Spina Bifida. Spina Bifida is a neural tube defect that happens within the first 28 days after conception. When in the womb the babies spinal column does not close properly, and literally stands for split spine. It happens to about 8 babies born every day. Along with Kaylee’s diagnosis of Spina Bifida have come many other obstetrical and challenges.

Already in her first 5 years of life she has undergone 12 surgeries with more expected in her future.

Kaylee is not Spina Bifida.

Kaylee is a fun, loving, adventurous, inquisitive and sometimes sassy 5 year old. She enjoys going to school, spending time with family camping and enjoying life to the fullest. While life may throw her curve balls she is sure going to throw some back.

Thank you for taking interest in Kaylee’s story.

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