American Flag With Red Stripe 

Some of the names of the tattoos are lame but this one.. 

"J-Key" there are a few theories on why "Jake" or "Jakey" is so commonly used in the firehouse. In World War I, the Army relied specifically on the "J-series" telegraph machines. When veterans came back from war many joined the fire department. In  1800's the fire alarms were connected to telegraph systems and the fire department needed "tappers" inside the fire boxes. "J-Key" was a name for a telegraph operator in the fire box. 

There was also an actual KEY that was used to open the fire alarm boxes in the 1800's. The other theory is that the key was shaped like the letter "J" hence "J-Key". 


This tattoo is great on an arm, leg, or torso. This tattoo measures approximately 19"x 6.5". Looks great on adults too!