Death Before Dishonor

Death Before Dishonor  This patriotic sleeve is a proud design for the love of our nation’s guardians. A representation of all branches that serve our great nation. The soldier on the top is looking right as the eagle protects his/her six. Old glory wraps around the two as a beautiful symbol of unity. We all love air power but If you look closely this fighter jet was launched by squids. In memory of a tanker friend who devoted his life to helping others, the tank is a weapon to attack the battles we face at home everyday. The sleeve has a peaceful sunset ending the design. The calm, confident soldiers represent the feeling we have knowing our families are protected and the gratitude we share for seeing a new sunrise. Meet the Artist  Erick Romulo Jr. of House Gaurino, First of his name. King of himself and no men, seven years creator of graphic design. Believer of Arts. Winner of design competitions. Protector of inspiration. Member of the Social Introvert. The only Son and rightful heir of House Gaurino. Forge by experience, strengthened by failure, improved by criticism, doers of the right thing. (Can you tell he’s a GOT fan?) “I love the feeling of being inspired and I love people who inspire. I don’t usually socialize or party but I love being accompanied. I am the only boy among six siblings. I usually set my emotion first, do some research, create a rough sketch then digitize it.”

Full Sleeve Dimensions Approximately 14" x 4.5"