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        Calinn Green, Owner BratTats


        How far back should we go? I was raised on a dairy farm in Wisconsin before starting the crazy adventures that led me to the entrepreneur life. I joined the Air Force in 2007 deployed twice to Afghanistan - once with an A-10 unit and once with a C-130 medevac unit. A month before my enlistment was up I got the call that my mom was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. I came back to the midwest and went to school for photography. I was able to spend 2 years with my mom before she passed away on July 4th, just a few months after my daughter was born. 2013 was a really tough year. I lost myself and was really struggling with the trauma of an unplanned baby and the loss of my best friend- my mom. I still don’t know how I got out of that alive. Recently I was able to overcome the crippling grief through hypnosis and self improvement, I would highly suggest it to anyone struggling. The business has been growing and evolving as I do. 

        My Daughter Serenity was always trying to be like me, wearing lipstick, heels, taking pictures. Naturally she wanted a tattoo like mine. Before BratTats we used to piece a bunch of tattoos together. She loved the attention that came with being tatted up. Now that I have an abundance of tattoos she’s totally over them. 

        2020 I had the pleasure of pitching BratTats for $50k in the Veteran Shark Tank Competition. BratTats made it to the final round which I was extremely proud of, it took a lot of courage to step out of my comfort zone for that event. The business might seem like a very large well oiled machine but it’s still in the beginning phases. BratTats was founded in 2018 by myself. I just recently hired an employee which was a huge step for me, up until this year I did it all. My brother named the business. I hated “Brat” at first but it grew on me. I owe most of my success to the incredible brand reps and the small shops that took me under their wing when I started.