Dinosaur tattoo with sunset colors. 

Full Sleeve Dimensions Approximately 19" x 6.5"

Fits perfect on 5+ 

Designed by Enache Emilian Octavian, Born in the beautiful city of the Danube, Galati on 23-05-1967. He studied General School No. 25 and Industrial High School 1 in the same city. After graduating high school and baccalaureate he completed the military training in Giurgiu and Braila as a border guard. On his return he worked in various trades related to art, namely one more representative painter performing at the Museum of Natural Sciences until 1997. At that time, after entrance examination, he is admitted to the faculty of Decorative Art "Nicolae Grigorescu", currently renamed UNARTE Bucharest. The studies were done in the field of mural art for 5 years. The graduation year is materialized in the summer of 2001 with the achievement of the diploma project in sgrafitto technique. Activities related to the artistic field: Exhibitions competition at the art museum in Galati in 1998 with the title: “Student art Expo” Interior design works that include mural painting in the private space and paintings Continuation of the artistic life is materialized with collaborations in cinematography as a scenography artist decorations, activity started in 2003 and developed until 2005 He is working on some of the most famous American films: Hellraiser Deader and Cold Mountain Since 2005 he has been employed as a digital artist at Gameloft Romania company. The activity is related to creative and conceptual art, working on many mobile phone games projects. In 2013, he ceased his activity with this company. similar Ubisoft and Amber Romania From 2017 he chooses to become a freelancer artist activating in the same direction as digital artist and concept art. Among the many collaborations we can list the covers of the newly launched magazine ZIN being the signatory of the covers of 5 issues. Lover of SF continues the collaborations in the conceptual and art field and digital one .