Black and white realistic dinosaurs. This tattoo measured approximately 19" x 6.5" and looks great on kids 5+

Designed by J. Carlos L. Villa-Real

"My fascination with book illustrations started me to develop my drawing skills as a kid. Won some awards and recognition for graphic arts in school.

I dreamed of being more than just an artist, an industrial designer.
Went to university and started academics for Industrial Engineering.
The curriculum was so heavy that my preparation in high school was inadequate.

Worked as a stockroom clerk then mag illustrator but decided to try college again with my developed skills in art.
In uenced by Marcel Duchamp and Raymond Loewy,
Graduated Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication
at the University of the Philippines, College of Fine Arts.

Worked for companies in the commercial arts and had many long stints with Advertising agencies, up to Senior Art Director.
A highlight was when we were able to shoot TV commercials in Arizona, U.S.A, 1995 and 1997,
after winning beer accounts of a major beverage company.
Retired early, 2014, from employment but still love to do more creative work."